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Exterior Siding Services in Vancouver

If your exterior siding shows signs of damage or disrepair from the extreme weather conditions in Vancouver or you want to install new siding to improve your home or buildings curb appeal, Maison Exteriors is the perfect contractor to hire for excellent exterior siding services. 
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We are only as good as our latest work. We measure success by how our clients feel when we are wrapped on their projects. We pride ourselves to ensure every customer is given clear communication, provided concise and realistic timelines, and work is accomplished collectively to ensure that what we said we would do is done in the timeline we said it would be.

The Maison Service Guarantee

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We are a fully insured and in good standing with our insurance provider. This provides peace of mind for our customers, they know that if something were to happen, our team is fully prepared with insurance.

WorkSafe BC

We can provide you at any time a certificate of recognition that we are up to date with WorkSafe BC. Our entire team is educated on current WCB standards and review daily in our toolbox meetings.


With our knowledgeable field team, we can confidently commit to all of our manufacturers warranty along with a 5-10 year installation guaranty on all of our finished work.

Exterior Siding Services in Vancouver

Bring dramatic improvement to your home’s aesthetics and value with our unique siding installation, repair, and replacement. The level of a home’s aesthetics achieved depends on the quality of exterior siding services you hired. Contact Maison Exteriors for top-of-the-line exterior siding services. At Maison Exteriors, we offer professional exterior siding services to improve your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, durability, and value. We assure you of the best quality possible. You are only a phone call away from having your home appropriately transformed with a dramatic enhancement of your home’s aesthetics and value.

Exterior Siding Installation

Siding offers improvement in the aesthetics, energy efficiency, comfort, and durability of a home. We install the best siding that protects the home against moisture and air infiltration. Save energy and increase your home’s value by choosing our first-rate exterior siding installation service.


Exterior Siding Repair

Repairing your siding and the slightest sign of damage will avert massive damage and expensive repair or replacement. Call us to fix any damage to your siding. Whether the damage is small or requires extensive repair, rely on our expertise to restore your exterior siding.  At Maison Exteriors, we give our clients quality assurance and the best value for their money. Our professional installation, top-quality products, and outstanding customer service are topnotch and without comparison.
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Exterior Siding Options

quality products combined with our quality craftsmanship

OKO Skin is a slat-sized concrete reinforced with glass fibre for cladding the home exterior. OKO Skin slats are strong, durable, and maintenance-free. They come in a wide array of colours and create concrete-like facades.

NBK Terracotta is an exterior cladding product made primarily from terracotta. Made in tile design, NBK Terracotta offers a sustainable exterior cladding that protects the building from rain, snow, and wind.

These are flat panels made from aluminum composite material. The panels comprise two thin aluminium sheets, coiled-coated and bonded to a non-aluminium core. Aluminum composite siding is among the top exterior siding products.

Trespa is an external cladding product with a non-porous surface, higher resistance to scratch and impact, and unique aesthetic value. It is a high-pressure laminate made from 70% wood fibre and resins and designed for durable facade cladding.

Fibre Cement

Fibre Cement

Fibre cement siding is made of sand, Portland cement, water, and cellulose fibers. It is best suited for both residential and commercial buildings. It is made to mimic the popular siding materials on the market.

Parklex wood veneer is manufactured from natural wood. It is a high-density laminate timber panel for conveying the sensation of beauty, warmth, comfort, and quality of real wood to the building’s facade.

Ceraclad is a ceramic-coated siding product that offers rainscreen protection to the building. It is made from fibre cement and about 44.5 percent recycled material. Ceraclad siding product is engineered for enhancing and protecting the building.

Longboard siding product is manufactured with aluminium plank coated with wood grain powder to create a real wood appearance. Longboard siding sheets are usually made 4-6 feet wide and 24 feet long.

Hardie board siding material is made from said, cement, and cellulose fibres. It is made by James Hardie. It protects and beautifies buildings. It offers excellent value for money as a durable exterior cladding product.

Standing Seam

Standing Seam

Standing seam material siding panel offers protection to the home exterior. Made from metal, the standing seam is unbelievably high-performing and durable. It is one of the best options available. Although the standing seam panels are also used for roofing, they protect the building from the harsh elements.

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Exterior Siding F.A.Q.

The right answers from the right people

Yes! You can paint home siding, depending on its material. Painting siding will improve its aesthetics and boost the overall curb appeal of the building. Besides, painting siding will enhance its durability. 

Whether your siding is metal, vinyl, OKO Skin, Ceraclad, Hardie, Trespa, Aluminium Composite, Parklex, fibre cement, or engineered, it can be painted. However, the painting technique, type of paint, and procedure for painting one siding are different.

Refresh your siding’s appearance for years and protect your investment by hiring a painting contractor specialising in siding painting. Meanwhile, the siding must be appropriately cleaned and prepped before painting for the best results possible.

Yes! Siding can be installed in winter, but not all siding materials can be installed. To get the best from your siding, you should understand the effect of winter on the siding. For instance, winter is not the best time to install vinyl siding, as it contracts during cold will cause problems when it expands in warmer weather. 

Fibre cement, standing seam, and longboard sidings, for example, do not expand and contract in extreme temperatures. As a result, they can be installed without any issues after installation. You only have to ensure that the contractor you wish to hire understands winter interaction with your preferred siding. Ensure that the contractor can handle the installation appropriately.

Yes! You can put siding over brick. Siding can be placed over almost any surface, as long as it is smooth and level. Meanwhile, brick is not entirely smooth and level. As a result, it would require more work because it is tricky. Consequently, you should hire a professional and experienced installer who understands how your chosen siding will interact with the brick walls. The contractor should be skilled at prepping the brick surface to accommodate the siding perfectly without any issues. 

Given the above, you can improve your brick home’s aesthetics and curb appeal by putting siding over the facade.

Yes! You can repair damaged and unsightly siding. Dents, holes, and other types of damage to siding can be repaired and fixes quickly before the damage becomes massive. Contact a contractor when you notice damage to repair the damage or get it entirely replaced if it cannot be repaired easily.

Siding can be repaired, provided repairing it is feasible. The siding repairing technique will also be determined by the form or type of the siding in question. However, it takes an experienced installer to repair the siding correctly.

Yes! Siding can go over stucco to give the home an entirely different character. Siding over stucco is a pleasant transformation that will enhance the aesthetics of the building. If you are tired of the stucco look in your home or it has cracked, you can update the house with siding. 

Regardless of the siding, you choose to install, the contractor must prep the wall correctly and install the siding appropriately for the best results possible. As a result, hire an experienced installer. Your home will experience a significant transformation.

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